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To celebrate 150 years of birth, TAG Heuer will launch a special Mikrograph another popular collection. For 100 years, fake Tag Heuer watches machinery’s milestone, Mikrograph series has made important contributions. The first Mikrogra was launched in 1916 and introduced the Carrera Mikrograph watch world limit of 150.Mikrograph is recognized as a super watch whose real-time display precision can be reduced to one hundredth of a second.

Mikrograph series by TAG Heuer factory is responsible, is responsible for the design of the whole wrist watch, patent application, development and manufacturing, the main innovation reiterated the TAG Heuer 150 years master extreme precision, speed and highly complex mechanical movement advantage. 360 Calibre timing clock launched five years, the Swiss Tag Heuer replica watch again because of heavy attack, the new design of high frequency double component mechanical movement, is a 1916 edition Mikrograph Heuer stopwatch offer gifts.

For more than 50 years, the TAG Heuer Mikrograph stopwatch has timed high-speed movements at 25 and 50 Hertz. Tag heuer’s CARRERA MIKROGRAPH 1/100 second chronograph timepiece, which USES dual-movement components, 62 gemstones and 396 parts, is another step for the “Swiss watch”, setting a new milestone in the complex Fake luxury Tag Heuer watches. So far, watches and stopwatches have been used for two different purposes: watches can be thought of as marathon runners, speed, balance and endurance, and timetables are like sprinters, sprinters and very quick bursts. If they use the same equipment, the movement of the chronograph quickly disappears.

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