Best Tag Heuer Monaco 18K Gold Replica Watch Online Sale

Everyone knows that sports watches are supposed to be made from steel.Perhaps the sportiest of Best Replica TAG Heuer’s classic chronographs, the Monaco case is already prominent thanks to its large square form, and making that square case from gold makes the watch even more conspicuous.

The Fake 18K Gold Monaco case is the same basic 38mm design as the original Monaco re-edition from 1997, which was designed by Miodrag Mijatovic, known universally as Mijat.

The dial is quite different to that offered on the steel Tag Heuer Monaco Replica of the day, and is a wonderful star-burst silver colour. The hands and applied hour-markers are Gold, giving the watch a luxurious rather than sporty look.

The Monaco feels very special on the wrist, and not surprisingly has an added heft over stainless steel. The scales tell the story- the Calibre 17 Monaco in steel weighs 105g, while the Calibre 17 in Gold is 137g.

Whether you like the look of a Monaco in Gold is, of course, highly subjective, but to our eyes the Best Tag Heuer Replica watch looks fantastic with this combination of colours and if anything looks more vintage than the steel versions.