Tag Heuer Replica 1930 One-button chronograph

Historically, some brands have long focused their attention on single, complex functions, as is the case with Tyggard Best TAG Heuer Replica Watches, which counts the chronograph as the top priority. Tiger Accor is also very good at this road, this is not only contemporary series, as well as antique style evidence, such as this article will introduce you to this 1930 single button chronograph.

This watch looks very mature, “retro” design is quite modern, it is because the best replica watches review came out, Tiger Accor has 16 years experience in the manufacture of chronograph (1914, the first brand launch Tag Heuer Chronograph watch). The watch, 32.5 mm in diameter, may be petite by today’s standards, but in the 1930s the size was already impressive. Watch carrying Landeron L13 movement, using manual winding.
Dial really highlights the Tiggo TAG Heuer’s sophisticated design. Although the diameter is relatively small, but the display is informative and legible. In addition, the dial is also decorated with a unique tachymeter scale. Most tachometer scales are limited to 60 km / h, which means that the car moves 1 km to stop counting and the second hand points to “60”. On the white enamel dial of this watch, the outermost tachometer scale is decorated in red.

After one minute has elapsed, the minute and minute hand at the 3 o’clock position jumps to the blue mark, indicating that the correct speed needs to be read by the blue speed measuring circle. This watch is even equipped with a third tachymetric ring, decorated in black, which expands the watch’s speed range to 20 km / h.
Rugged stainless steel case, with a colorful, powerful enamel dial, elegantly decorated blue steel Breguet pointer and Arabic numerals, this is a coveted chronograph in the 1930s. The high quality rolex replicas, valued at 3,000 to 6,000 Swiss francs, was sold at Christie’s in May this year at a price of 9,000 Swiss francs. It seems to give a more fair assessment of the timing of the TAG Heuer and the unique charm of the watch.