Buy New fake swiss TAG Heuer Autavia from China

The first Heuer, called Autavia, was actually a dashboard for racing cars and airplanes – the name “car” and “aviation” – and was released in 1933. The TAG Heuer, head of the fourth generation of TAG Heuer jack Became known as the best replica watches review, created in 1962, the wrist watch timing clock on repeat his name, in the golden age of the car, the watch of the rotating table, large timer and super clear black and white color scheme. This watch and other car TAG Heuer, such as the carrera and Monaco.

In 2016, the TAG Heuer replica watches held a named “Autavia Cup” interactive online activities, including more than 50000 TAG Heuer brand’s diehard fans voted for 16 Vintage Autavia models with which model as Autavia plans to redistribute template for years. The winner was a 1966 model nicknamed “lint,” and he was famous in the racing career.

Modern fake TAG Heuer Autavia has been loyal to the use of 42mm stainless steel case (from the original 39mm diameter) in many aspects of the old Rindt model, and USES black double-sided aluminum grooves. Slope; Vintage “mushroom” timing buttons and a raised crown; Black dial with three white cochlear dial; A straight hour hand and minute hand; The polished steel bar index is full of special beige super-luminova, whose colors are intended to mimic the aging texture of antique watches. The logo on the dial is not “tag heuer”, but the original “tag”, which clearly evoked the predecessor of the watch in the 1960s. The modern style that is not found in the historical model is the date, which is in the 6 o ‘clock window.

The Caliber Heuer 02 of  fake TAG Heuer watches can be seen through the very fashionable sapphire rear cover window, which has the most modern sense – a significant upgrade from the Vintage Autavia model. As an upgraded version of the TAG heuerch-80 (and the base of the hoya 02-t flywheel), it oscillates rapidly at 4 hz and contains 80 hours of power reserve. Composed of 233 complete components, including the hollow black rotor, Calibre 02 includes a cylinder wheel and a vertical clutch for integrating timing functions in its display components.

TAG Heuer Autavia rejoined the high quality TAG Heuer replicas table series with two versions, one of which was a seven-line stainless steel “rice ball” bracelet, which echoes the style of the predecessors in the 1960s. Another brown leather strap with a beige Super-LumiNova color to complete the look of the new retro look. The price is $5,150 leather strap, $5,350 steel bracelet.