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The overall success of Autavia Heuer 02 resulted in the release of two limited-edition Autavia watches near the end of 2017, both of which were modeled after Jochen Rindt reissued. First, we saw Jack Heuer limited edition, which was released in November to celebrate the birthday of Heuer founder’s. A few weeks later,  best TAG Heuer replica watches launched a limited edition of the united Arab emirates to mark the weekend in dubai.

Today, we received the latest limited edition of Autavia. The biggest difference? It is based on the legendary Autavia model of Jo Siffert. According to legend, after winning the British grand prix in 1968, Jeff hajha sought to reach an agreement with Siffert. The terms are best replica watches review, which will sponsor the Swiss formula one and seford himself, if the racer will promote the brand and wear Autavia while he is driving. Over the next few years, you can see TAG Heuer’s logo on Siffert’s racing overalls, matching the Autavia 1163T Chronograph on the wrist. The 1163T chronometer is considered to have a black dial and a blue central pointer with a subtle hint of blue, most notably at the end of the index. Today, this model is strictly called “Siffert Autavia”.

The new watch uses similar results with Jochen Rindt, but this time TAG Heuer is working with TAG Heuer on one of Calibre 11’s BBS to get expert advice and get a large audience for their collectors. Calibre 11 can specifically grant Jo Siffert the name of the wristwatch. In fact, one of the notable details is that this is the first time the Siffert signature has appeared in modern luxury. The wristwatch USES the same Heuer 02 automatic timing machine as fake TAG Heuer Autavia watches last year, but the corresponding text in the date window has been deleted to preserve the aesthetics of the retro style. Other style restoring ancient ways of TAG Heuer fans deserve an inspired, including the use of the TAG Heuer logo, instead of the TAG Heuer logo, selecting a specially developed black calfskin strap with classic TAG Heuer tang clasp or seven rows of steel “rice” bracelet, and use white indicators rather than red to improve readability.

The only other major difference with the 1969 model is that the crown has been adjusted to the right of the putt, and TAG Heuer replica watch has decided to adopt more modern three subsets instead of two. The baffle can be simplified by replacing the speedometer function with stacked hours and minutes. In addition, the wristwatch is generally very faithful to Jo Siffert’s original wristwatch.