Cheap fake TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph watches Hands-On

Super light, super strong. First copy watches completely manufactured carbon composite material: 19 g technology. By the same space age carbon composite materials, and designed and made by the brand internal timing clock driving. The TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph replica watch was copied the TAG Heuer one of the most futuristic wrist watch, the watch was designed by Jack Heuer in 1963 Carrera iconic wrist watch.

Fake TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph is made from the same space-age carbon fiber composite material, and is powered by timepiece watch movement designed and manufactured internally by the brand, which is extremely light and unbelievable. Based on the award-winning case created by CARRERA MIKROGIRDER, ograph with TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph pushes tabulation design and technology to the avant-garde new extreme expression.

No more information is available at this time, but this is the first time that CMC has been used in watch manufacturing, and if it is available in production models, it should have considerable advantages in terms of weight and longevity. TAG Heuer replica watches said the case is only 19 grams, the movement of the whole movement is less than 80 grams. We tilted our collective hats toward TAG Heuer to create another mouth-watering concept that evokesthe “just added tourbillon” trend that is so prevalent in the top watchmaking industry. By “concept” TAG Heuer again means “we’re going to make something expensive.” The Carrera is one of TAG Heuer’s most durable models and, encouragingly, TAG Heuer has been working to make their watches fun, efficient and full of good technology. So what do you think? Energetic or just another expensive concept watch?

The crown and stopwatch buttons are installed at 12 o ‘clock, just like a classic stopwatch. The fundamental difference, however, lies in the materials used – carbon-based composites – and the extremely complex miniaturization processes required to use them – both of which are number one in the world. TAG Heuer Carrera CMC Concept Chronograph watch case, table back and ring from the isotropic matrix on the organization of thin carbon fiber made. The thickness of the reinforced fabric is only 0.007mm. The structure of the reinforced fabric constructs the components into 3D shapes, and then changes the heating and compaction into soft and flexible layers through chemical reactions to form a super-rigid form. TAG Heuer manufacturing method is convenient for watch production, and allows complex details and processing, with fewer geometric constraints and high precision. For example, the middle edge of the box is very detailed. Through the strict quality control of the cheap TAG Heuer replica watches, the aging of the watch will be better than traditional watches, and wear and tear signs are less. Its extreme lightness also translates into extreme comfort.