High quality fake TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 watches online

Earlier this year, we introduced you to TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 all-black matte ceramics, which debuted at the 2017 Geneva watch show. Now that the frenzy of the first half of the year has begun to subside, we think this is the best time to get back to the watch and give it a proper hands-on review. The first thing you notice about Carrera heuer-01 is how it feels when you attach the large scale case of the all-black matte ceramic to your wrist. The second thing you notice is how dark it looks. The reason is that both are the same; 45 mm matte black ceramic case. The matte black case is arguably the TAG Heuer replica watches produces one of the most secretive appearance, absorbs all the light around, ironically, a watch on your wrist is very popular – although almost no contrast color on the dial.

It’s not just ceramics. Almost every visible part is made of ceramic, and only the inside part and the bottom cover are made of steel to maintain the integrity of the waterproof grade (100 meters). The cheap fake TAG Heuer watches driving parts and crown of the chronometer are made of black titanium carbide. The result is a very dark hollowed-out dial that contrasts the grey tones with the matte black background. In fact, the only real highlight is the date window below 3 o ‘clock, which has a white background. I’m not sure if it looks better with black background and white Numbers but maybe not clear enough?

When it comes to readability, it’s not terrible on Carrera heuer-01 all-black matte ceramics, but again, it’s not very good. Lack of contrast, combined with a hollow-out dial, makes it difficult to read all instructions clearly and quickly, depending on light, reflection, etc. That said, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s harder than other black screens to identify swiss TAG Heuer replica watches with similar designs. In addition, it looks very unique on the wrist, if a little heavy, depending on your physical condition. While the modular casing is a bit reminiscent of LVMH’s stable Swiss watchmakers, the design and execution are still luxurious.

As you might expect, the dial layout is consistent with other Heuer-01 models, which means a central indicator of time and a small hand on the 9 o ‘clock position dial. The chronograph has a central stop-hand that passes the chronograph in 12 hours and 30 minutes at 6 and 12 o ‘clock, and of course dates below 3 o ‘clock. All the Pointers, including the chronometer, are matte gray, in contrast to the dial’s black color. While this may not be ideal for readability, I think it’s better aesthetically than introducing something with a stronger contrast (i.e., red) because it throws up the overall look of best replica watches review.