Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Carrera Replica Watches

Today, TAG Heuer replica watches opens a time trip at its flagship store on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, the Museum in Motion Exhibition. The precious collection used for exhibition includes not only the inheritance chronology hidden in the TAG Heuer replicaMuseum, but also the personal treasures of collectors. For the first time, they left Rashodfen’s Museum for public exhibition as a group of works. The tour started in Beijing and ended up in Shanghai through Xi’an. Among them, from May 30 to June 17, Shanghai Station, waiting for tasting.

The timetable presented in the exhibition reflects the rich tabulation history of TAG Heuer replica watches , and highlights the pioneering spirit of TAG Heuer replica‘s continuous innovation, especially in racing events. Important watches include: Carrera replica, born in 1969; Autavia, in memory of TAG Heuer replica Ambassador and Swiss racing driver Joe Sifelter; Monaco replica watches with mini-pendulum Calibre 11 replica watches, the world’s first automatic timing machine, as well as the first time watches with square case and many other antique collections.

We are delighted to be able to bring the history of TAG Heuer replica watches and the Museum in Motion exhibition to China. This year is also the 55th anniversary of TAG Heuer replica’s iconic Carrera Replica. We are honored to take this opportunity to share our most representative timetable with Chinese consumers and watch enthusiasts.