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The rapid development of new models this year may be the TAG 2011 mainstream version of the most important – new Link 40 MM series. 40 MM TAG Heuer replica watches with Carrera, the Link is one of the most popular TAG Heuer one of a series of positioning for “elegant” sports watch – you won’t see the gulf PVD black stripe version soon. The series, first introduced in 1987 as S/el in the bracelet unique “Double -” S “shape after 40 MM rod, renamed in 1999” 40 MM Link “. The design of the bracelet is one of the main differences between replica watches, 40 MM the basic shape of the Link is still ongoing.

2011 model TAG Heuer Link is 40 MM to 2007 finally released a series of relatively moderate update. Left is 2011 Caliber S, right before the models. Case has been updated, table ear is a bit short, crown is shorter, the redesigned small timing button. Moved to dial itself, you will notice that many other TAG model on the use of vertical texture will enter the Link of 40 MM.

Overall, redesigned the purpose is to make dials look bigger, more “open” – pay attention to the hour mark is more thin, how to design the frame to redesign for thinner than out model. , of course, this is not the famous bracelet Link 40 MM series (Fast Fact: it is the only one on the bracelet only provide the AAA TAG Heuer replica series), it also won the new design. “Double – S” Link 40 MM still exist, but they are more smooth than earlier models.

Can also be seen in the new series of changes between the old and new Calibre S model – please refer to the Link 2011 40 MM Calibre 16 timing clock and on the right side of the old model. Link 40 MM series is Quartz cheap fake TAG Heuer watches, use ETA F06.111 movement, equipped with 40 MM watchcase. As with all new Link 40 MM, Quartz wrist watch with a black or white dial and name it – there are no other colors to choose from. I like the Link 40 MM Quartz contracted style – the classic design, a mixture of brushed and polished finish.