Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Three Hands Watch

Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Three Hands Calibre 5 And Twin-Time Calibre 7 – In Depth Review.

It’s not all that often that TAG Heuer launches a new 3-hand or “non-Chronograph” Carrera series.

The reason that these Carreras 1:1 replica watches have such longevity is down to their timeless design- no outlandish dials, stripes or modular lugs to be found here.

The changes to the new collection bring the three hand Carreras into line with the upgraded design of the 2020 Carrera Sport and Carrera Elegant series and offers three distinct men’s models- a 39mm Calibre 5 date, a 41mm Calibre 5 Day-Date and a 41mm Twin-Time Calibre 7. There is also a 29mm Lady’s offering featuring the Calibre 9 automatic movement.


The building blocks of the Tag Heuer Exact replica watches 3-hand design haven’t changed since 2003/4- a 39mm steel case with the classic Carrera horns, an external steel bezel and an internal chapter ring with a minuterie scale. Even the movement has been a constant- a Calibre 5 automatic movement sitting behind a sapphire caseback.

But, as always, it’s the details that make all the difference, as demonstrated with the slider image above which shows the 2014 Carrera WAR201E and the new WBN2012. Both the similarities and the differences are apparent.


Let’s first look at the size of the new Cheap Fake Tag Heuer Watch series relative to the upcoming series.

What the tape measure does not show is the redesigned lugs, just like the revised 2020 Carrera chronograph, which is shorter than before, and the horns’ curves flow visually on the side of the case. This is a harmonious design, and now all Carrera families have the same appearance.

The Tag Heuer Replica Watch case itself combines a polished and brushed surface, and due to its high legibility, the overall appearance is very classic Carrera.


The new series offers three dial colors-sunburst silver, sunburst blue and radial black-black dial and a series of radial white dials to choose from.

The many upgrades to the dial reflect the changes first seen on the 2020 Carrera Sport and Carrera Elegant Chronographs, and the new serif font “Carrera” and rectangular hour markers help keep the 3-pin series in line with the rest of the Carrera family.

The Tag Heuer Replica Watch Day-Date and Date windows have been redesigned and reduced, with a date window at 6 o’clock and a date window at 3 o’clock.


The design of the hands has been changed, the new design again being the same as the upgraded 2020 Carrera grade 1 replica watch, with a slim black in-fill on the base of the dial and on the tip of the hour and minute hands.